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In the digital age, capturing and preserving memories through photos has become second nature. However, when it comes to turning these digital captures into tangible prints, especially on unique mediums like glass, understanding the nuances of image files, resolution, and quality becomes crucial.

To help you navigate through these technical aspects and ensure that your prints reflect the vibrancy and clarity of your original moments, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. From choosing the right image file format to ensuring your photos meet the ideal resolution standards for printing, our FAQ section is designed to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a professional photographer familiar with DPI and image formats or someone who loves capturing everyday moments on your phone, this guide is here to assist you in creating the perfect print.

Let’s dive into your questions and ensure that every print you order from us meets your expectations and brings your cherished memories to life.

Image Requirement Questions & Answers

  • Can i view my current & past orders?

    Yes, you can log in and view your orders in the My Account dashboard.

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  • What happens after I place my order?

    Upon checkout, your order status will be updated to ‘processing’. This status will remain until we have meticulously packaged your prints and dispatched them for delivery. Your order is marked as ‘complete’ once we’ve handed it over to our courier, FedEx. Following this, FedEx aims to deliver your package within 2 days.

    We’re dedicated to enhancing your experience and are in the process of introducing additional order statuses. This will offer you a clearer insight into the precise stage of your order. Furthermore, we’re developing a feature to provide tracking numbers directly within your ‘My Account’ dashboard, ensuring you’re fully informed from the moment of purchase to delivery.

  • What file specifications do you recommend for the best quality print?

    Achieving top-notch prints is simpler than you might imagine!

    Accepted File Formats:

    We exclusively support JPG and PNG files. Please refrain from using PNG files with transparent layers, as transparency won’t render correctly in the site preview due to our prints being opaque. Ensure your file adopts the RGB, sRGB, Adobe RGB (or any RGB type) colour profile. (This is typically the default setting for most cameras.) Avoid CMYK profiled images, as they might result in unexpected printing variations.

    File Resolution (Quality):

    For optimal outcomes, it’s crucial to upload the original, high-resolution photo file. Our website will automatically notify you if your file is too small for clear printing at a given size. The quickest way to verify whether your photo will print clearly is to directly upload it to our website!

    Below are the minimum pixel dimensions required from an image to produce a clear print at each size:


    SizeBest Pixel Dimensions (300dpi)Minimum Pixel Dimensions (100dpi)
    Mini Square (150mm x 150mm)1772px x 1772px590px x 590px
    Small Square (300mm x 300mm)3543px x 3543px1181px x 1181px
    Medium Square (450mm x 450mm)5315px x 5315px1772px x 1772px
    Large Square (600mm x 600mm)7087px x 7087px2362px x 2362px
    X-Large Square (750mm x 750mm)8859px x 8859px2953px x 2953px

    Rectangles (Landscape & Portrait)

    SizeBest Pixel Dimensions (300dpi)Minimum Pixel Dimensions (100dpi)
    Mini (200mm x 150mm)2362px x 1772px787px x 590px
    Small (305mm x 230mm)3602px x 2736px1201px x910px
    Medium (405mm x 305mm)4783px x 3602px1598px x 1201px
    Large (508mm x 381mm)5996px x 4496px1999px x 1499px
    X-Large (750mm x 500mm)8859px x 5906px2953px x 1969px
    xx-Large (1100mm x 750mm)12992px x 8859px4331px x 2953px
  • How can I improve my image quality?

    The best way to improve image quality is by using the highest resolution setting on your camera or phone when taking the picture. If you’re using an existing image, avoid enlarging it too much, as this can decrease the quality.

  • My photo looks good on my phone. Will it print well?

    Photos may look fine on your phone because screens are smaller and hide flaws. However, when printing, especially larger prints, the image may not be as sharp. We suggest using images with a DPI of 300 for the best results.

  • How can I check the DPI of my images?

    You can check the DPI of your images using photo editing software or by checking the file properties on your computer. If you’re unsure, our platform provides guidance and warnings about image quality during the upload process.

  • Can I upload images with less than 100 DPI?

    We recommend not using images with a resolution lower than 100 DPI because they tend to produce prints that are blurry or pixelated, especially when enlarged.

  • What happens if my image is between 85 DPI and 100 DPI?

    Images between 85 DPI and 100 DPI can still be printed, but we’ll show you a warning. This is because while they can look okay, they might not be as sharp as they could be, especially for larger prints. When you click Buy Now we will ask you to confirm that you understand the quality may be low.

  • What resolution should my images be?

    Ideally, your images should be 300 DPI for the best print quality. This ensures your prints are clear and detailed.

    So, for an image to have a print quality of 300 DPI at a size of 300mm x 300mm, it should be 3543 pixels by 3543 pixels. For an image to be 200 DPI at a size of 300mm x 300mm, it should have dimensions of 2362 pixels by 2362 pixels.

    You can check the size of your image usually by clicking the ( i ) when viewing a photo on your phone.

  • What is image resolution and why does it matter?

    Image resolution refers to the detail an image holds, which is measured in DPI (dots per inch). The higher the DPI, the clearer and more detailed your print will be. Think of it like the sharpness of a picture on your phone versus a blurry one.

  • What types of image files can I upload?

    You can upload most image formats like JPEG, PNG, HEIC files. These are standard image formats that work well for both single prints and photo walls.

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